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Rut of 768 (BW/ST Open)
I've let my fawnlings gather dust, unfortunately! So in an attempt to get back into the swing of things, I'm offering some up for Rut seeing as it's not that far away. There's also a few notes I'll stick on them, just to give a heads up. All listed are open for Rut. The only thing is, I may not be able to make payments on my laptop for much longer and you'll be required to make any art piece. I can do written rps (through my ipad), but understand that I may be slow while I job hunt. :)
Not looking for fawns personally, just offering to those looking for a stag and/or doe for the upcoming Rut. Just comment or send me a note! :D
Stags -

* Currently a Lieutenant *
 * Must be Pure Silverthorne
* Will take any color does, isn't picky about coat color
* Has yet to have any children
Current Stats:
Speed: 4 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 10 [Medium Level]
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Ashai Al-Taj | Tiercel | Herd Member by LastChanceIsUp Ashai Al-Taj | Tiercel | Herd Member :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 9 0 Ashai Al-Taj | Alarogan Al-Taj x Lahela by LastChanceIsUp Ashai Al-Taj | Alarogan Al-Taj x Lahela :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 3 2 Aluinn | Colt | Herd Member by LastChanceIsUp Aluinn | Colt | Herd Member :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 8 1
Through the Streets
The sun was beginning to rise over the canyons, long shadows once cast shrinking as the heat of the humidity rose with the day. Abbott had gathered the stalls supplies with help of the black fledgling, who was just finishing stacking the small arrangement of gold jewelry. The stall was more elaborate with fine silks, scarves, and etched fabrics of all sorts. Pillows in gold and white were neatly arranged over the red carpet laid out beneath the stands.
"Lahela," Abbott called to the young hen.
She stood within the arrangement of pillows, front talons resting on the stand. Her ears were the first to swivel back, before her head turned to turn those dark brown eyes to the tiercel. Her feathers were dark, the blues the only true color on her. It was all well, the colors of the stall were bright. While many enjoyed staring at shiny objects, a black dot on a white paper gathers far more attention. Most Saraphs had seen enough gold and flashy colors, so much so that they often didn't know th
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An Itch
The soft wind blew a chill into the honey combs, stirred by the winter air and the landing tiercel who stood before a draped fabric in rich red, bearing the family insignia. His figure pushed past, fluttering the fabric along the pale stone. Inside a hen was around the bend, along with a newly turned fledgling at a low bearing table cluttered neatly with herbs. The day was drawing to a close in the Saraph territory as the sun set, the decorated tunnel kept warm by brazier's out before the windows, rich red curtains hung high and pulled tight against the night's cold. The torches emit a sweet smelling smoke, which filtered out through the opened windows, tinted with herbs. Winter had come hard and fast, promising to leave a frost in the morning if the temperature dropped any lower.
The hen mashed and ground herbs, the pestle grinding in the clay pot smoothly. To the side sat the little black chick, brown eyes wide and eagerly taking the round and round motions of the paste inside. Feath
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ET: Trust
The sun glittered down through the open waters near the Viora coast, just off the Bahjaa Formation. The shallow waters were clear, the sand bar a gathering place of colorful fish. Blues, yellows, and striking reds darted past the coral, slipping and weaving with the roll of the waves above. Settled in the soft white sand was a long, scaled creature, nestled between the coral and colorful fish. A long tail swayed, stirring the sand into a underwater sandstorm. The movement was sluggish, orange tinted eyes peeking open as the stripped head began to lift. Back paws digging into the soft sand, wide wings tucked close to the long, marine colored scales. The water stirred ever so slightly, as the Dyreminn called Lull allowed his horned head to break the slow roll of the waves above.
Sea water sprayed from Lull's nose as he exhaled deeply, sucking in a well deserved breath of fresh air. Golden eyes blinked, the dark horns curled around his ears providing support as he shook. Water droplets fl
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Lahela | Hen | Healer by LastChanceIsUp Lahela | Hen | Healer :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 12 3 Tafari x Shilo Fawn by LastChanceIsUp Tafari x Shilo Fawn :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 13 4
Never Easy
Featuring Valerius, Joaric (NPC)
Autumn, Year 758 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Silverwood
The frost had been light this year and his little button of a rack had gotten a tad bit bigger. Valerius had been in the recruit stage for about a year now, putting himself forward in all his endeavors. He was set into a band of other recruits, led by a few soldiers. Of course he was still put on herd patrol, stuck to the main herd closer to home in the Silvervale and Silverwood. It was nice to be back home, in a sense. Not so nice to be stuck with Joaric yet again, but the chestnut stag seemed to be warming up to him. At least the hairy eyeball wasn't so scary anymore.
Valerius was racing through the underbrush, weaving through the thickening of the white birch trees. His breath came in white puffs, left behind on winter winds. He was told it had been urgent, his legs working to carry him where the soldier had
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Autumn Cool Off
Featuring Valerius, Joaric (NPC)
Mentions Bucks (NPC)
Autumn, Year 764 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Riverbend
The young bucks had been itching for a fight, their knobby little racks a reminder of where Valerius had once been. He also remembered the harsh training he'd received during these times, to keep his head clear and help him along. Seemed only fair that while rut was in full swing, he could return the favor.
"Head up," Valerius chided, watching one of the recruits near the back struggling with the pace. "You agreed to this, so keep on."
Valerius flicked his ears, wondering how anyone could stand and bark orders. It never really seemed to fit him, but giving advice to recruits and sending them out to battle were too different things. Having them run drills back and forth between two oak trees was the least he could do.
"Seems like something rubbed off," a voice carried across the cool morning
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Hard Press
Featuring Valerius, Joaric (NPC)
Mentions Seraphina
Summer, Year 758 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Silvervale to Riverbend
A soldier's duty is to his herd first, a stag he called father had once told him, then to his family.
The summer sun ran hot in the sky, the young buck approaching an older chestnut stag with dull markings. Finding the soldier had been a royal pain to the young buck, feeling the warmth running along his back. His pace was brisk and head held high, knowing that first impressions could be the first real steps to a successful career being a soldier. Though, the stag's rolling stink eye was enough to cause him pause a little bit too far away.
Valerius gazed up at
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Just One Look
Featuring Valerius, NPC Silverthornes
Mentions Prilla-Vada
Autumn, Year 764 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Winterflame
Autumn had rolled in with cooler winds and dry grass, the Winterflame burning bright in the distance. The Silvervale seemed further and further away with each passing day, the covered birch forests home. Duty called however, called him up to the Riverbend for autumn duty guarding the herd. It almost felt like a joke, his commanding officer had stuck him up into the thick of the herd and then given him leave for a bit.
Get acquainted with some does, he said, it'll be fun.
Sounded like the filly, with that same knowing glint in those eyes that spoke volumes of wh
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Magic an..Boys?
Featuring Rosaria, Miette (NPC)
Mentions Andreii
Summer, Year 761 of the New Age
Blackwood, The Red River
The dark doe stepped through some personal grazing grounds she'd discovered the following year. Her mother was sitting against the trees, a concentration Rosaria had seen many times before. The prickle of magic was in the air, a twitch of an ear from the older doe and the gathering of muscle beneath the dark pelt and suddenly Miette was rising. Rosaria waited patiently for her mother to register the world around her, the older witch sometimes struggled with the larger animals. They had more of a will to fight.
The scent of the wolf drove Rosaria to twist, the intelligent amber eyes glinting as the dark shaggy canine padded across the moss beds. The young doe watched the wolf, always careful to remain quiet and ready. Miette seemed to have it however, the canine coming to rest fitfully beside her mother. Miette's dark eyes suddenly seemed to register her daughter, who raised her hea
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Pacman Frog by LastChanceIsUp Pacman Frog :iconlastchanceisup:LastChanceIsUp 0 0
To the Woods
Featuring Aine and Valerius
Mentions Shilo
Summer, Year 764 of the New Age
Silverthorne, Silvervale near Silverwood
The summer sun was heavy in the sky, coating the Vale in bright sunlight. The soldier was making his passes, the usual patrol that had often come with a visitor. The towering birch trees provided some shade from the sun, but not for the bundle of energy that was alerting him. The filly had been quite adamant about chasing him down the past season, even finding him when his days off.
The squeal of pure joy always made him smile, even if a part of him nagged that she was still so excitable. He waited for a moment, taking smaller steps until her little legs caught up. Aine was breathing heavily, no doubt having raced to meet him here along the tree edge. She'd follow him around for an hour or so, chatting excitedly about her day. Valerius would never let her go too far from her mother, always sending her back before they got too far.
"What's on for today?" Aine beamed, catch
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Anom's Golden Anniversary Event!

Guess who's doing another raffle and event?

THAT'S RIGHT! Anom-nom is!

All the awesome for the first birthday!
Golden Anniversary is heeere :D
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